• Odyssey® Conductivity & Temperature Logger

Available Ranges:
3 to 15mS/cm - Specifications.
3 to 60mS/cm - Specifications.
3 to 80mS/cm - Specifications.

Dimensions - Length: 200mm. Max diameter: 39mm.
Weight: 350gm.
Housing Material:  ABS.
Operating Temperature Range:  -2°C (non freezing)  to 50°C
Maximum Operating Depth: 0.3m to 20m
Mounting Method - Suspended by wire attached to the top cap for bore applications or by a clamp to a fixed object in open water applications.

High: 9 uS/cm

Med: 6 uS/cm
Low: 3 uS/cm



3% of reading - See Specifications for more details.



Range: 0 to 50°C

Resolution: + 0.01°C

Stabilisation Time: 30 minutes for a step change in the immersed temperature


2 x 1/2 AA, 3.6V, 1.2Ah Lithium Battery for use with the battery holder (included).


Odyssey® Conductivity & Temperature Logger

  • Product Code: ODYCT
  • NZ$499.00

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