• Xpert Licence

Annual License per logger for the Xpert cloud database.
Note: The license does not affect the operation of your loggers only access to data.


  1. Select how you would like to identify your loggers.
  2. Enter the identity of the loggers on one line separated by a space or comma.
  3. Select the renewal option. Note: Continuing your previous license period ensures uninterrupted access to your data. 
  4. If you choose to commence your license period from a specified date, enter it in the 'Start Date' field else leave this empty.
  5. Enter the quantity of required licenses. This must match the number of identified loggers. 

If you would like to pay by invoice, please contact Dataflow Systems at  - enquiries@odysseydatarecording.com.

Xpert Licence

  • Product Code: OXLLIC
  • NZ$15.00

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