• Multi-Profile Soil Moisture Recording Kit

The Multi-Profile soil moisture recording kit includes everything to get you up and running quickly. The soil moisture content of each soil profile is recorded against a timestamp over extended periods. Using the Multi-Profile PC software this data can be viewed on a graph enabling a clear picture of the distribution of soil moisture over time. The system can be easily expanded to include more loggers and sensor probes where necessary.     

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x custom Sensor Probe (depths selected upon ordering).
  • 1 x Multi-Profile Logger.
  • 1 x Cable KIt.
  • 1 x Access tube kit.
  • Multi-Profiling Software.

  • Reads the soil moisture within seconds at each sensor depth.
  • Multiple access tubes can be installed so the sensor rod and logger can simply be dropped into another location.
  • Suitable for all soil types from very light sand up to heavy clay.
  • Suits all irrigated crops, including pasture, vines, trees and vegetables.


Multi-Profile Soil Moisture Recording Kit

  • Product Code: ODYMPC
  • NZ$499.00

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