• Odyssey® Soil Moisture Logger

Water Resistant soil moisture logger and sensor for surface moisture measurements. For deeper root zone measuring please see the Odyssey® Multi-Profile soil moisture system.

Memory Capacity:
32764 readings.
Min scan time: 10 seconds.
Max scan time: 12 hours.

Length = 114mm.
Diameter = 39mm.
Length = 160mm.
Diameter = 19mm.
(The overall length of the sensor and cable is 1 meter.)

2 x 1/2 AA, 3.6V, 1.2Ah Lithium Battery for use with the battery holder (included).

Research into soil moisture in all crops as well as plant nursery applications.

Odyssey® Soil Moisture Logger

  • Product Code: ODYSML
  • NZ$249.00

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