About Us

Dataflow Systems have been developing and manufacturing low cost electronic sensors and data recorders since 1981.

This instrumentation continues to be used world wide for government scientific research and private environmental measurement applications. The release of the Dataflow low cost capacitance water level probe and the first model single channel data recorder in 1987 created a world wide market as a simple solution for continuous monitoring of ground water movement at an affordable price.

The most significant advantage was the ability to continuously record ground water movements with greater detail than ever before. As a result, this water level probe is now used in large numbers world wide for ground water monitoring, surface water measurements and flow recording.

After numerous requests by government groups in 1986 and 1987, Dataflow Systems developed a low cost soil moisture sensor for research applications. This sensor provided a base for the company to independently carry on further research and develop new products for soil moisture measurement and irrigation management.

A unique range of data recording systems was launched late 2001 under the banner of ODYSSEY┬« featuring an encapsulated housing combining both the logger and sensor. These unique low cost systems have been quickly accepted by the industry because of their simple design, outstanding performance and exceptional value. The range includes capacitive water level, depth sensor, soil moisture, underwater temperature, photosynthetic irradiance, salinity and tipping bucket rain gauge.

The ODYSSEY® Multi-Profile Soil Moisture System is a simple to operate soil moisture monitoring and data logging product. Its low cost, exceptional value and simplicity has made the system appealing to crop growers and research groups world wide.

Dataflow Systems continues to be committed to developing and manufacturing products that are affordable, accurate and easy to use.

In July 2003 Dataflow relocated its manufacturing operations from Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand after being presented with a significant opportunity to further develop and expand the Odyssey product range.